Marriage licenses

September 6, 2013 

Nicole Iturbide and Alan Noordman, Los Banos, Aug. 20

Rafael Radillo and Estela Ramos, Merced, Aug. 20

Richard Quintanar and Catalina Mislang, Los Banos, Aug. 20

Jeffrey Stachowiak and Renee Foster, Atwater, Aug. 21

Jintana Abernathy and Felipe Escamillia, Winton, Aug. 21

Cristal Pantoja and Arturo Vera, Merced, Aug. 21

Tito Lara and Sara Sage, Merced, Aug. 21

Julieta Perez, Delhi, and Dexter Albores, Livingston, Aug. 22

Barbara Rusk and Elias Reyes Jr., Los Banos, Aug. 22

Marsha Morgado and Donald Moles, Atwater, Aug. 22

Jennifer Asotigue, Winton, and Marcos Ortiz, Livingston, Aug. 22

Christopher Valadez, Turlock, and Shara Alvarez, Hilmar, Aug. 22

Ted Voss and Elizabeth Thompson, Delhi, Aug. 22

Kristin Neafus and Steven Bladow, North Oaks, Aug. 22

Luisa Quemma and Heriberto Ibarra Espinoza, Los Banos, Aug. 22

Idalia Hernandez and Jose Gonzalez, Winton, Aug. 23

Fernando Silva and Claudia Martinez, Los Banos, Aug. 23

Manuel Valenzuela and Lynda Hamilton, Merced, Aug. 23

Maria Del Carmen Padilla and Raul Murguia, Winton, Aug. 23

Miguel Cruz, Merced, and Silvia Jimenez, Tracy, Aug. 23

Samson Gurrola and Teresa Dixon, Merced, Aug. 23

Jennifer Cabacungan and Shawn Mascorro, Atwater, Aug. 23

Angelique Soto and Elisa Soto, Merced, Aug. 23

Chew Her and Joua Moua, Merced, Aug. 23

Cesar Navarro-Jimenez and Jasmin Higareda, Merced, Aug. 23

Keith Silva and Patricia Fogle, Merced, Aug. 23

Maria Aguirre Duran and Hilario Ruiz Rodriguez, Los Banos, Aug. 26MARRIAGES

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