SURDICH: Tweed has a hand in two top finishes

September 24, 2013 

— Karen Tweed rolled to a 12th-place finish in the B scratch singles division in the the California USBC Championships. Then she teamed with Carol Almeida, Julie Egleston and Marie Herrera to place 14th in B scratch division. They took home $210.

League highlights

I think the Hellers like McHenry Bowl's senior no-tap tournament. Kim took first place a week ago with an 803 for $62, then Bob won last Friday with an 883 for $60. Bill Dills, rolling in the Commerical Classic, picked up the 4-6-7 split (very hard to do). Also in the Classic, Lew Reese was on a roll with a super 288 first game. "The lanes dried up on me, couldn't control my ball," he said. Maybe he should talk to Mike Giordano. He finished with a 617 set. Justin Decker had no problem with the lanes as he had a 743 with a 260 and a 269.

Peach results

Official results for the Peach Singles Classic at McHenry Bowl are in and David King earned $220 for 22nd and a high scratch game. Mary Ickes took 28th for $160. Sylvia Giordano kept her streak going by finishing in 104th place, earning $80. That makes four years in a row that she has cashed. The Peach had a ton of ties, paying down to 111 places this year. Normally it's only a 100 or so.

Cal Senior singles

The Cal-USBC Senior singles tournament at Stockton's West Lane Bowl in August released its official results. The next day they were removed due to a technical problem in their computer system. Should be up and running in a couple of days they told me. We had roughly three local members who should be in the top 10. Next year's event will be at AMF Cerritos Lanes in Southern California on Aug. 23-25. It is open to all California USBC members who are at least 50.

The 10th frame

We said goodbye to a very long-time bowler in Pauline Pierce as her life was celebrated and she was laid to rest last Wednesday. I did not know Pauline personally, but I did see her from time to time on Thursday afternoons with Otto Aschbacher, Jim Souza, Judy Teixeira and Barbara Bettencourt at Bellevue Bowl rolling for Blue Chip stamps. In years past, I heard that she rolled for Blue Chip with Janie Schropp, Hazel Ruffer, Joe Lefler and others on Thursday afternoons for stamps. From talking to bowlers, I learned that she rolled in many leagues. She will be missed by all of her long-time bowling friends in the area. The gal bowled for over 50 years.


INDIVIDUALS: Fred Ruell 252, Jim Docherty 237, Dennis Barcellos 247, Brian Hickman 239, Bill Botwright 235, Andre Brice 204, Jenny Avellar 191, Marie Herrera 192, Mark E. Thompson 245, Adam Andrino 243, Bill Barthel 247, Kelly McNeill 191, Gene Silveria 245, Charles Mook 236, Rikki Cascia 194, Kristin Weimer 196, Adam Farris 221, James Layton 216, Kevin Decker 211, Stephanie Thompson 208, Don Surdich 255.

SERIES LEADERS: Julie Egleston 556, Deanna Cimmino 567, Rae Coonce 579, Courtney Dahlin 597, Ruben Ruiz 653, Keith Docherty 656, Mike Robins 666, Gene Frazier 678, Sean McCulloch 699, Joe McBride 708.

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