Divorces (12-14-13)

December 13, 2013 

Arellano, Nieves and Gilbert, Dec. 2

Aberle, Amiee and Merle, Dec. 2

Noneman, Matthew and Lisa, Dec. 2

Andrade, Kendra and Armando, Dec. 2

Gamil, Akram, and Duncan, Jennifer, Dec. 2

Perez, Araceli and Jose, Dec. 4

Mylander, David and Martha, Dec. 4

Estrada, Maria and J, Dec. 4

Licea, Rafael and Diana, Dec. 4

Emrich, Mary and Alfred, Dec. 4

Hermosillo, Elizabeth and Michael, Dec. 4

Reagan, Aricelia and Robert, Dec. 4

Swaenpoel, Nicole and Thomas, Dec. 4

Rich, Grogory and Stephanie, Dec. 4

Moore, Anita and ReSean, Dec. 5

Simmons, Randy and Heather, Dec. 5

Munoz, Alma and Benito, Dec. 5

Villa, Melissa and Sanchez, Jesus, Dec. 5

Arroyo, Avelino, and Zapien, Angelica, Dec. 6

Kangris, Brittney and Carl, Dec. 6

Cota, Leticia, and Camacho, Javier, Dec. 6

Purewal, Manjit and Surjit, Dec. 6

Millan, Silvia and Juan, Dec. 6

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