Melvin Ladousier: Current gun laws are enough

December 19, 2013 

Regarding “Congress’s disgraceful negligence” (Another View, Dec. 16, page A7): Congress wisely did not create new gun laws this past year. Examine the shootings named in that editorial, and you will find that failure to enforce existing laws was the root cause of those gun attacks. Mental health issues disqualify a citizen from purchasing, possessing or having access to firearms now. As to a criminal’s ability to cross state lines and procure firearms of their choice, one must have proof of residency with photo identification, by federal law, to legally acquire a firearm in any state. The old axiom “liars figure and figures can lie” applies to the Brady organization as well as to the NRA. If you want unbiased figures, go to the published FBI statistics for violent crime to guide your decisions.

Enforcement of the laws we already have is the right path to take. Fund law enforcement to randomly search the property of felons for firearms, and make courts and mental health agencies report individuals to law enforcement to confiscate firearms, thus enforcing current law.



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