Marriage licenses (12/21/13)

December 20, 2013 

Andrew Damigo and Desiree Bland, Merced, Dec. 9

A Saeteurn and Yien Saephan, Merced, Dec. 9

Ana Valdenegro and Miguel Rodriguez Gomez, Merced, Dec. 9

Jose Garibay and Kimberly Ceballos, Merced, Dec. 9

Adolfo Tapia-Aranjo and Lilia Mariscal-Nogales, Newman, Dec. 9

Alexandria Ochoa and Manuel Lopez Anaya, Turlock, Dec. 10

John Lynd and Deborah Jester, Merced, Dec. 10

Carlos Garcia Jr. and Roselin Pena, Los Banos, Dec. 11

Deana Campos Tellez and Eric Chu, Merced, Dec. 11

Ghowzhong Yang and Francisco Garnica Rojas, Merced, Dec. 12

Jose Carlos Paredes and Mayra Sanchez, Turlock, Dec. 12

Cynthia Torres and Jesus Reyes Fernandez, Los Banos, Dec. 12

Alfredo Castaneda Salas and Marbella Gaitan Gonzalez, Merced, Dec. 12

Jakob Brown and Ashley Rico, Turlock, Dec. 13

Athena Rivera and Garrett Gonzales, Merced, Dec. 13

Mathew Venegas and Stephanie Elledge, Merced, Dec. 13

Juan Diaz-Montes and Aime Fuentes, Los Banos, Dec. 13

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