The Buzz: Browns back Stanford solution to Michigan problem

December 30, 2013 

  • By the numbers

    State demographers and the U.S. Census Bureau once disagreed about California’s population growth, but now appear to be in sync. On Dec. 12, the state Department of Finance calculated that California’s population reached 38.2 million, a gain of 332,000 residents. On Monday, the Census Bureau agreed with the 332,000 gain, but pegged the total at a slightly higher 38.3 million. A million-person gap beginning in 2000 largely stemmed from differing views over people migrating to other states.

    – Dan Walters

Browns among regular rooters

for rivalry at the Rose Bowl

Gov. Jerry Brown doesn’t watch a lot of football, and he’s a UC Berkeley graduate, to boot.

But the governor will be rooting from the stands for Stanford when the Cardinal play Michigan State in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.

Brown will be joined by his wife, Anne Gust Brown, who graduated from Stanford and went to law school at University of Michigan, a Michigan State rival.

The Governor’s Office said Brown and Gust Brown bought their own tickets to the game. They will not participate in the Rose Parade.

Any wager Brown might make with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder appeared to be unsettled, but the tough talk is already on.

“We’ll let you know if there’s a wager,” Brown spokesman Evan Westrup said in an email, “but based on recent history, our friends from the Big 10 have a big hill to climb if they hope to beat the Cardinal.”

No. 5 Stanford is ranked just behind No. 4 Michigan State, but Westrup had recent Rose Bowl history in mind. Big Ten teams have lost eight of nine Rose Bowl games in the last decade.

– David Siders

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