The Buzz: California exempted from new GOP nominating rules

January 24, 2014 

Republican Convention

Mitt Romney addresses Republican National Convention delegates in August 2012. An earlier convention in 2016 could squeeze California’s June 7 primary.

JAE C. HONG — The Associated Press

  • By the numbers

    Air pollution in California has dropped significantly over the last decade, yet about one-third of the population lives in communities where the air does not meet federal health standards, the California Air Resources Board reported this week. Despite falling 15 percent to 20 percent in urban areas since 2003, smog remains above federal standards in parts of Los Angeles, the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento and San Diego. Only the Bay Area meets all federal standards for ozone and fine particulate matter, or soot.

    – Los Angeles Times

GOP presidential process keeps state’s primary

National Republicans moved Friday to curtail their presidential nominating process but granted an exemption to California.

The new rules are meant to minimize infighting by tightening the 2016 primary schedule and moving up the national convention.

But California could keep its later primary – now scheduled for June 7 – without penalty, and still be seated at the convention a few weeks later. Shawn Steel, a Republican national committeeman from California, said the state had to be exempt from the rules. “We’ve got 5 million registered Republicans; that’s more people than most states have in their entire population,” he said.

With a late primary, it’s unlikely the Golden State would have an impact on the GOP nomination, Steel said, adding that the state could still make a difference if the battle for the GOP nomination remains close in June.

Another set of guidelines to be voted on this spring is designed to reduce the marathon schedule of debates and establish the sponsoring television networks. “The bottom line is you’ll never see George Stephanopoulos asking Republican candidates questions again,” Steel said.

– Christopher Cadelago

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