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Bob Calaway: Committee does its job

February 21, 2014 

In response to the letter “Committee not doing its job” (Feb. 14):

The CS937 Ordinance states there are five voting members. But, another five alternate members were appointed by the city manager as a resource. The reason: If a voting member chooses to leave the committee, an alternate can be immediately appointed. Otherwise, another seven to eight weeks are needed to publish the opening for the oversight committee, review applications and appoint someone as a voting member.

The city manager/chief of police already answered the comment about needed police officers on Feb. 12.

The writer stated: “Our citizens are not well-served by an inept committee whose hallmark is confusion, bickering and constant infighting.” Here again, the writer was not truthful in his comments. His choice of words are insulting to committee members. There is one committee member who could have talked with the city manager. The majority of his concerns would have been answered.

I invite anyone to call police administration and make an appointment to discuss concerns and/or opinions.


retired chief of police


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