The Buzz: ‘Old-fashioned’ Kashkari-Donnelly debate not on the GOP agenda

March 11, 2014 

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, seen last year in the Capitol, wants to debate Neel Kashkari in a showcase of candidates. Kashkari is declining the opportunity.

HECTOR AMEZCUA — The Sacramento Bee

  • By the numbers

    The California Student Aid Commission reports a rise in the number of students’ grade-point averages submitted electronically, as state legislators weigh whether to require the electronic GPA reports. The commission, which runs the Cal Grant scholarship program, said it has received 383,948 electronic GPA submissions for this year’s awards, up from 290,468 in 2013. Verification of GPA is part of the eligibility process. About 50,000 applications last year were not considered because the GPA could not be verified.

    – Alexei Koseff

Don’t expect gubernatorial debate at GOP convention

GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly has challenged rival Neel Kashkari to an “old-fashioned debate” at this weekend’s California Republican Party convention, an invitation immediately dismissed by Kashkari and party leadership.

“Even though we both have an ‘R’ behind our names, you and I have different life experiences, ideas for California, and campaign focuses,” Donnelly wrote on his website.

Kashkari, a former U.S. Treasury Department official, would have little reason to engage Donnelly, who is far more conservative, at a meeting of activists.

“It’s our understanding from the CRP that there will not be a debate at this weekend’s convention,” Jessica Ng, a Kashkari spokeswoman, said in an email. “That being said, Neel looks forward to continuing to share with voters his vision for California, and there will surely be many opportunities for voters to hear from him and all the gubernatorial candidates in the coming months, including in a debate setting.”

Party spokesman Mark Standriff said, “The CRP doesn’t involve itself in discussions between primary candidates in a contested race.”

– David Siders

Worth repeating

“Lt. Gov. Newsom, he probably did more in that one act as mayor of San Francisco than probably 1,000 laws.”

GOV. JERRY BROWN, praising his fellow Democrat for allowing same-sex marriage licenses in 2004

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