The Buzz: Romney picks a favorite in south state House race

April 23, 2014 

Mitt Romney, above, has endorsed former state Sen. Tony Strickland over Sen. Steve Knight, both Republicans, in a Southern California race for a House seat.


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    Legislation requiring car manufacturers to open access to the data streaming out of computerized cars has stalled in committee. Only one lawmaker voted against Senate Bill 994 on Tuesday, but seven abstained. The final vote, 3-1, was three votes short. The bill pits its car insurance industry sponsors against the car manufacturers who currently hold a monopoly on the information cars emit, which has increased in volume as features like GPS and entertainment systems become prevalent.

    – Jeremy B. White

Romney names a favorite

in south state House race

As part of his return to politics, Mitt Romney is choosing sides in the race to succeed retiring Rep. Buck McKeon in Southern California.

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee on Wednesday endorsed ex-state Sen. Tony Strickland over state Sen. Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, calling Strickland an experienced legislator, devoted husband and father and a longtime community leader.

“Tony Strickland is exactly who we need in Congress,” Romney said in a statement. “Tony led the fight against the Democrats’ excessive budgets in Sacramento and worked to bring California’s crippling deficit under control. He will do the same in Congress.”

Strickland has maintained close ties to Romney, serving as a state chairman for his presidential runs, hosting fundraisers and hitting the trail with the Romney family in key states. A Washington Post story said Romney has supported at least 16 candidates this cycle.

Romney, a part-time resident of La Jolla, has been lying low since losing the presidential race. One of his sons, Josh, recently took a photo of Romney waiting in line at a local post office to mail in his taxes.

– Christopher Cadelago

Worth repeating

“As one of four Republicans who live in Santa Monica, I like to demonstrate my presence in that city.”

Pete Peterson, candidate for secretary of state, on why he votes at a polling place, not by mail.

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