Surdich on Bowling: USBC should right a wrong June 3, 2014 


    Scoring: Sean McCulloch 236, Tommy Cardoza 235, Casey McFarlin 229, Lauren Moosebouer 182, Kristin Weimer 182, Lesley Xiong 160, Jai Bagri 189, Lew Reese 209, Carol Almeda 182, John Cox 222, Wesley Snell 240, Laura Ruell 189.

    Series: Tony Dibella 503, Jessica Riley 517, Manuel Frade 520, Dave Souza 550, Travis Mason 556, Chris Elias 578, Joe McBride 585, Joe Powers 594, Mickey Wallbaum 601, Adam Farris 618, Mike Giordano 657, Richard Snell 642, Josh Gray 664, Nathan Flanagan 706.

There is a movement in the San Fernando Valley to have Glenn Allison’s first 900 series be recognized as a sanctioned series. This move is led by Andrea Gage-Werren, manager of La Habra 300 Bowl.

The California Bowling News had a story about bowlers signing a petition to be forwarded to the United States Bowling Congress to reconsider this petition for an approval.

On July 1, 1982, Allison rolled the first perfect (900) series in a sanctioned league in the history of bowling at the La Habra 300 Bowl in La Habra. The news of his 900 spread like wildfire across the country.

However, Allison’s series was not approved by the then-American Bowling Congress due to non-compliant lane conditions, discovered during a post-series inspection of the lanes. There have been close to two dozen 900s shot since Allison’s feat, and all have been approved by what is now the USBC.

The honor of the first 900 series should go to Allison. To sign his petition, go to


League champions – In the top league at Bellevue Bowl in Atwater, the Commercial Classic, the Bellevue Bowl team trailed after two games by more than 100 pins and made it up in the last game to take the crown for 2014. Team members with their final averages are: Courtney Dahlin (205), Caren Thompson (181), Tommy Cardoza (212), Mark E. Thompson (213) and Sean McCulloch (227).

Black Oak No-Tap – This Friday at Black Oak Lanes in Tuolumne is the monthly senior 9-pin no-tap at 1:30 p.m. Entry fee is $15 for three games. Your high game and series pot is included in your fee. During the afternoon, the lanes furnish seniors with coffee, cookies and popcorn. Call to reserve a spot at (209) 928-9437, and ask for Sandy.

Age does not matter – I don’t care if you are 92 years old or 13 years old; anything is possible.

Like this kid from Modesto who rolled his first perfect game. Roman Heath received an early birthday present this year. The day before his 13th birthday, he was set to bowl in the NorCal Junior Championships at Cloverleaf Bowl in Fremont. Heath rolled his 300 in doubles, leading to his personal-best 759 series.

He has been bowling for five years and uses the two-handed delivery much like PBA pro Jason Belmonte.

Modified rule on gripping holes – According to Chad Murphy of the USBC, there is a move to add greater fairness to ball specifications related to bowlers not using their thumb while delivering the ball.

Under the new rule, any thumb hole that is not used for gripping purposes during the delivery would be classified as a balance hole. Bowling balls are only permitted one balance hole.

“A no-thumb bowler using a balance hole along with an unused thumb hole could effectively create two balance holes and change ball dynamics through layout choices in ways that are not available to a bowler who does use their thumb,” Murphy said.

The change will go into effect at the beginning of the winter season, Aug. 1, allowing bowlers affected by the change time to make necessary repairs to their equipment. More on this rule change next week.

Super Doubles tourney – The 4th Street Bowl in San Jose is hosting a different type of doubles tournament on June 22. Game one: 3, 6, 9. Game two: no-tap. Game three: regular bowling. Game four: scotch. Game five: baker. First place is guaranteed $400 based on 24 teams. Entry fee is $60, walk-ins $70. Bowling starts at 3 p.m., check-in at 2 p.m. Pre-signup can be done over the phone at (408) 453-5555.

Don Surdich is a Sun-Star correspondent. He can be reached at (209) 777-1111 or

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