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Shannon Kim: All that water for ag?

June 5, 2014 

In regard to the numerous articles on the groundwater sale in Merced County, people are not looking at the bigger picture. Though groundwater selling might not have any regulations here in Merced County, there can be devastating effects on nearby properties by pumping 13 wells for eight months. Other people rely on that same water.

California is in a statewide drought and we are trying to conserve water, yet this groundwater is going to be sold to an irrigation district. All this water, 22,000 gallons per minute, is going to agricultural land? That does not seem like water conservation to me.

The farmers are farming the most water-intensive crops. Ten percent of California’s water goes to almond farming.

In order to maximize the water we use, farmers should focus on cultivating less water-intensive crops such as tomatoes, spinach and melons.

Shannon Kim, UC San Diego

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