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Andrew Gallagher: Don’t blame guns

June 16, 2014 

Regarding “Gun ad inappropriate” and “Gun ad bad way to earn dollars” (Letters, June 10): Sorry, but the gun is not to blame for the incidents you cited.

In regard to the UCSB incident, half the people were killed by knives; therefore, I’m tired of seeing knife ads on television. Alcohol kills far more than guns, yet I continuously see Budweiser commercials.

All the mass shootings that have people paranoid, from Aurora to Sandy Hook to UCSB, have one thing in common. This common tie is not a gun; it’s anti-psychotic medications.

You blame a business that is trying to sell guns, but have no problem with seeing SSRI advertisements everywhere? You can’t watch TV for an hour without seeing ads for depression medication.

If you want to know what’s to blame for mass shootings, which are not as prevalent as the media want you to believe, blame the medications that put people in an altered state of reality.

Andrew Gallagher, Merced

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