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Frozen can’t replace fresh

June 19, 2014 

Regarding “County considers replacing seniors’ hot meals with frozen” (Page A1, June 14): This county “supports” free meals for children under 18 and during school and summer vacations, pregnant teen classes, and most welfare programs, but what about our seniors?

Yes, we have Meals on Wheels, Cherish and the Agency on Aging. But now to save money, the homebound, disabled and disadvantaged seniors may be “presented” five frozen meals during one visit? That’s shameful!

These seniors don’t have the ability to go out and fend for themselves, so they must accept what the county deems “good enough”!

Most of these seniors made this county what it is today by working, paying taxes, being involved, etc. The county will “make sure they have a microwave or oven in which to heat the meals”? How commendable!

Frozen meals, no matter how nutritious, are a pitiful replacement for a fresh meal, a smile and a visit from a real person! Shame on Merced County!

Constance Tinsley, Merced

Tacherra fooled voters

I was elated to read the letter to the editor concerning the Johnny Tacherra campaign.

Tacherra did not participate in one public debate in the primary election. He will be a dismal failure as a representative of the 16th Congressional District.

I do not understand how the Merced County Republican Committee endorsed him.

A qualified candidate, Steve Crass, will lose the opportunity to serve us in Washington.

Maria Giampaoli, Le Grand

VA system is broken

The VA needs more professionals at every level, a need long identified by house Speaker John Boehner.

He has known, as has his key Armed Services Committees, that the VA is in trouble, leaving both the older veterans and our Iraq/Afghanistan vets with a broken and wanting system of care. But politics in Washington means it is more fun to shut the government down, throw barbs and blame and insults, rather than squarely address the problems and fix them.

Congress has failed in its duty. Congress can correct that situation now. I wonder if it will.

John Strong, Newman

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