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3-year sentence for rape is a real crime

June 20, 2014 

Ever wonder why rape is an underreported crime?

Just look to the deal that District Attorney Gerald Egan accepted from Juan J. Rocha. Rocha received three years for raping two Japanese female students.

DA Egan has let all women of Merced County know that if they report rape, little to nothing will happen to the rapist.

Egan was surprised by the anger of the victims. Maybe he should have asked the victims their feelings before accepting the deal. Egan’s acceptance of the plea is just as “terrifying” and “repulsive” as Rocha.

Kimberly Brown, Merced

Rape sentence is deplorable

Appalled, disappointment, anger, shock, frustration, disbelief ... no word can describe my feelings on the disposition of the trial of rocha’s (lower case letter intended) rape case.

His actions were incestuous in nature. Because these children – yes, despite their ages they are children – were entrusted into his care so they could utilize Merced College’s resources. He violated that trust in the most vile, despicable way.

No matter what he alleges, there is a line that you do not cross. Ever!

To add insult to injury, the deputy district attorney (lower case intended) expressed his “surprise” by the anger expressed by one victim. Why was he surprised? Of course it is because he failed to communicate the details to the victims and get their thoughts.

To not be in communication with the victims concerning the case is more than just a minor omission, it is deplorable in the least.

He only got three years? No mention of him being required to register as a sex offender? (Merced Sun-Star, May 31) Hmmm, makes one wonder how he is “connected,” doesn’t it?

The case only further perpetuates the stereotype that rules and regulations do not apply in Merced, if you know somebody.

My only hope is that the actions of this one person do not give Merced or the U.S.A. a permanent black eye in the international and academic community. Because right now, it’s a shiner!

David Garcia, Merced

Atwater needs people with vision

On July 14, eligible citizens of Atwater can pick up papers to file for the office of mayor and City Council. They have to be filed no later than Aug. 8. Fact: This information is directly from the Office of Voter Registration.

As a citizen, I would hope that the people step up with the right formula. The future of Atwater depends on it.

Wayne Wallace, Atwater

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