Stand up for seniors

June 24, 2014 

I was shocked to read (“County considers replacing seniors’ hot meals with frozen,” June 14, Page A1) that the Board of Supervisors plans to help balance its $461 million budget this year on the backs of our seniors. How will they do it? They will take away home-delivered meals and replace them with frozen meals. They will give the frozen meal contract to a non-local vendor and take away county revenue and jobs at the same time.

Why should the Board of Supervisors care? They wouldn’t let their parents eat the meals, since they all have ample income. I guarantee the frozen meals will go uneaten and the seniors will feel isolated and abandoned. Do the right thing, supervisors, find the $80,000 needed to keep daily meal service to our homebound seniors. If you have to stand up for someone, make it our seniors.

Susie Hamilton, Atwater

Military compensation taxable

Regarding “Military benefits were earned” (Letters, June 23): I, too, retired after 20 years of active duty and second the colonel’s points concerning military compensation. I would add that military pay is taxable! I paid FICA and federal and state taxes my full career despite spending roughly half of my 20 years overseas – something my parents and family never knew. Combat veteran or not, military retirees earned their benefits and even contributed financially toward them.

Ernest Walk, Merced

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