Congressman Tom McClintock: Support for Yosemite

June 25, 2014 

Regarding “Yosemite expansion stalls in Congress” (Page A2, June 19): San Jose Mercury News reporter Paul Rogers wrote that I am “standing in the way” of the annexation of a 1,500-acre parcel for Yosemite Park. In making this claim, he deliberately ignored the position I expressed in writing: “I want to be sure the proposal remains a future option once these issues (of public access and use) are resolved.” My position is one of conditional support – not unconditional opposition.

Rogers’ well-earned reputation for bias is why I insist our communications be in writing, and even that seems to no avail.

John Muir’s vision for Yosemite was for public use, resort and recreation; yet, today, public access is increasingly restricted. Muir’s promise must be redeemed.

This proposal has been around for many years without action by Congress. Contrary to Rogers’ claim, there is no prospect that the property will be developed in the foreseeable future, which gives us time to make sure that any addition to Yosemite is done in the public interest and that it guarantees the public’s access and use.

Congressman Tom McClintock,

4th Congressional District

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