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Pat Mize: Drought help appreciated

July 4, 2014 

With the negative press politicians receive these days, I would like to deeply thank Merced County Supervisor John Pedrozo and Assemblyman Adam Gray.

In May, Public Works Superintendent Richard Kilgore II made a call and I sent an email to Pedrozo concerning the drought conditions in Le Grand. Schools were having problems flushing toilets, water pressure was terribly low and customer complaints were rampant. District wells are “bandaged” just to be able to keep the system up and running. With the drought, the wells’ water levels have dropped significantly.

Within minutes, Pedrozo called our office. Kilgore and I told him we were at our wits’ end. Our goal is to maintain safe drinking water to our residents. Pedrozo explained he wasn’t sure what he could do, but he would make a few calls. In less than 15 minutes, Pedrozo called the office back and gave us a number for Gray’s associate, enabling a conference among Kilgore, Gray’s office and myself. We spoke to Don Wilcox who needed a short, descriptive email outlining the problems we were encountering.

The email was sent and by the next day, a Saturday, I received an email and Rick received a call from the California Department of Public Health. The Le Grand Community Services District is eligible for a grant of $470,000 of drought funding from the state of California.

I was ill for a few weeks in June and did not get to meet the officials who visited our small town on June 20. Residents of the Le Grand area, please, if you see Pedrozo and have an opportunity to meet Gray, thank them. They have gone over and above to help our community.

Pat Mize, District Manager,

Le Grand Community Services District

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