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Allan R. Schell: Mobley did quite well

July 6, 2014 

The recent primary election prompts at least one more analysis. I was intrigued by the reaction of the Adam Gray camp belittling the result of the write-in effort in behalf of Jack Mobley for the Assembly seat now held by Gray. Considering that Mobley had only 13 days to launch his write-in campaign, spent no money on advertising, had no signs, and his only public exposure was two interviews on local radio and one interview on TV, Mobley still attracted about 1,200 votes.

This remarkable performance combined with the fact that over 11,500 people did not avail themselves of the opportunity to vote for Adam Gray, even though his was the only name on the ballot, points to a lack of enthusiasm for his re-election. Added to this fact, a large number of voters vote by mail and Mobley wasn’t a candidate until two weeks after those ballots were mailed. This means most of those ballots were returned before Mobley was even a candidate. Consequently, he didn’t have a chance to be considered by the majority of those who actually voted.

This could add up to a fascinating election come November. I hope the citizens will weigh closely the merits and backgrounds of both Adam Gray and Jack Mobley. I think Mobley would provide the kind of leadership we need.

Allan R. Schell, Merced

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