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Chuck Schultz: Animal fees too high

July 9, 2014 

Merced Animal Control is raising fees? For more staff? To do what?

I have 30 feral cats they won’t pick up because they are overworked. I have to rely on New Beginnings to send me vouchers to have the females spayed. New Beginnings is a nonprofit with limited funds, and it is out of money. Why can’t some of the big box stores like Lowe’s, Save Mart or Home Depot donate?

We in the country have cats dumped constantly. Have you ever taken a cat to Animal Control? Did the fee they ask cause you to pass out? Without a voucher, it’s $135 to get a cat spayed. With the feral cat population growing, who can afford it? The county needs to pick up these cats; even if its has to put them down, it would be better than watching them starve to death, get run over or have more kittens. I have five new litters of kittens on 5 acres to go along with the 30 cats. Something needs to be done or we’re going to be overrun. Raising the fees does what?

Chuck Schultz, Le Grand

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