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Barb Williams: McClintock no Muir

July 12, 2014 

Distance can be bad for relationships. Rep. Tom McClintock must have spent too much time in Washington, because reality here in California has now fully divorced itself from his out-of-touch rhetoric. In a letter to the Sun-Star (“Support for Yosemite,” June 26), McClintock defended his inaction to expand and protect Yosemite National Park by citing Sierra Club founder John Muir, of all people. That comparison couldn’t be further from the truth.

Muir spoke of going to the mountains as “going home,” and fought to permanently safeguard Yosemite’s majesty. McClintock says he wants to “redeem” Muir’s vision, yet has voted to shut down all our parks, sell off our public lands to oil and gas developers and let logging decimate Yosemite. When McClintock says he wants “public access” to Yosemite, he apparently means for logging trucks. McClintock’s and Muir’s visions couldn’t be further apart.

It’s one thing to defend a position, it’s another entirely to be intellectually dishonest about it. McClintock should be more careful whom he references – and he should be even more careful when it comes to improving his voting record on issues that matter to the clean air, clean water and pristine wild legacy that Californians cherish.

Barb Williams, Fair Oaks

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