Divorces (7/12/14)

July 12, 2014 

Judge, Jasvinder and Kulwant, June 24

Palafox, Ester and Guillermo, June 24

Urbina, Melissa and Aaron, June 24

Bautista, Joann and Manuel, June 24

Siemiller, Marlene and Rodney, June 25

Morris, Amber and Choate, Jerry, June 25

Dunlap, Chelsea and McParland, David, June 25

Gudino, Blanca and Lua, Carlos, June 25

Emerson, Shernita and Isaac, June 25

Hernandez, Virdiana and Christian, June 25

Oliva, Gloria and Sarabia, Luis, June 25

Sanchez, Alfonso and Mayorga, Maria, June 25

Venegas, Angelica and Hernandez, Antonio, June 25

Romine, Roger and Connie, June 25

Hansen, Brian and Ponce, Darla, June 25

Parks, Paula and Wendell, June 25

Duran, Beatriz and Jesse, June 25

Davis, Tracy and Derek, June 26

Bernal, Rogelio and Garcia, Erika, June 26

Hernandez, Maricela and Raul, June 26

Tinta, Pedro and Sanchez, Martha, June 26

Ponce, Saira and David, June 26

Leon, Maria and Villagrana, Lauriano, June 26

Stelly, Kizzy and Brian, June 26

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