Science program crucial

July 15, 2014 

In response to “Charter school plan draws flak” (Page B1, July 11) about the new charter high school opening next year: We are one of the families Superintendent Steven Gomes is talking about when he says students are leaving the county to focus on a STEM education. For the past four years, our kids have attended a STEM-based charter program in Stanislaus County. Frankly, Merced County had nothing compared to what Stanislaus County offered in a strong, science-based curriculum. A completely STEM-based curriculum was vitally important to our kids; it’s what they wanted.

Our kids wanted to compete in the National Science Olympiad program, which no schools within Merced County offered. A year ago, one of our sons contacted a dozen high school science teachers to share his Gifted And Talented Education project with them. His hope was that by illustrating the excitement and level of achievement at the NorCal Science Olympiad tournament, he could get someone in Merced excited about Science Olympiad. He was trying to get just one teacher interested in sitting down and talking about this project. Not one responded.

If not for the Merced Area Stem School program, our kids would be starting at Modesto High next year instead of one year at Merced High. This school will be an asset to everyone in Merced County, from the students to the citizens who will benefit from the great things they will be able to accomplish.

Samantha Rocci, Merced

We are all humans, Mr. Obama

Children are not illegal! Bring down the wall, Mr. Gorbachev, I mean, Mr. Obama! Close the concentration camps! I mean “family” detention centers!

We, the people of the world, are not illegal. We were all created equal in human dignity and our right to live!

Juan Alvear, Merced

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