Con artists up the ante in Granny Sam

Staff ReportsJuly 16, 2014 

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson is issuing a fraud alert to senior citizens throughout Madera County about a new tactic con artists are using in the so-called “granny scam.”

Over the weekend, an 86-year-old Eastern Madera County woman received a call from a woman claiming to be her granddaughter.

The woman sounded distraught and begged the victim for help. They were cut off, and then a second call came in. This time from a man posing as the woman’s attorney. He told the victim that her supposed relative had crashed into another vehicle and was now in jail, held in lieu of $19,000 bail.

Worried, the victim wired the requested funds via Western Union.

Only after the transaction was complete did the victim discover the truth.

Anderson says “ never wire money to a stranger, no matter how good the story may sound.”

He says your best defense with calls like this is to hang up. Then call your family to find out if your grandchild really is in trouble.

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