Phoenix makes its case

July 17, 2014 

California veterans earn their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits. But a recent piece from The Center for Investigative Reporting skewed facts and ignored others to fit an ideologically informed opinion. These were reprinted in the Sun-Star in “Next VA chief has a lot on his plate” (Perspective, July 3). Sun-Star editors owe their readers the facts, which we’ve published at Critically, the graduation rates you cite have already been discredited by their own source – the Department of Education. And our institutions were not “banned” from state funding – that aid was deliberately redirected to state institutions as a budgetary matter. We hope the piece you ran from CIR reporter Aaron Glantz will refocus your own newsroom on these important issues, and that you will help report facts still left unreported to your readers.

Mark Brenner, Senior Vice President,

Apollo Education Group, Phoenix

No motive? Then why blame driver?

The article “Accused of aiding inmate’s escape” (Page A1, July 11) is very interesting. For the record, I don’t know Steven Haywood. The statements by the Sheriff’s Department make it sound like an open-and-shut case – except for one key element: motive. Why would Haywood do this?

The article states they found no threat, financial incentive or personal history between the inmate and Haywood. Most people are ignorant; they don’t know this is a common incident. In my opinion, the sheriff’s office is attempting to cover up the obvious problem of inmates continuously escaping custody by blaming a guy trying to make money. His statements sound like he was misled to incriminate himself and/or taken out of context. Find a motive if you want me to believe somebody would commit a felony for no reason; otherwise, consider another reason Haywood is being blamed.

The sheriff’s office is embarrassed that inmates escape, so they pin it on an extra-help transporter. That way, the higher powers running the department don’t have to admit they can’t handle the influx of inmates since Assembly Bill 109 was instituted. I can’t wait until a new sheriff is elected, and hopefully removes all political, corrupt personnel from authoritative positions within the department.

Bill Douglas, Merced

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