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Indiana lawmakers try to quiet firestorm surrounding new law

Gov. Mike Pence called off public appearances Monday and sports officials planned an “Indy Welcomes All” campaign ahead of this weekend’s NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis as lawmakers scrambled to quiet the firestorm over a new law that has much of the country portraying Indiana as a state of intolerance.


Livingston gets a dose of color for Sikh festival

The 17th annual Sikh festival made its way into Livingston on Sunday, drawing crowds of more than 3,500 from all over California. The free event featured a festive procession with bright colors, lively music and awe-inspiring displays of sword fighting. The display of mock battles and swordsmanship is a tradition dating back more than 300 years. The festival also gave attendees a taste of many traditional foods. The parade lasted about about four hours, beginning at noon at the Gurdwara Sahib Temple at 2765 Peach Ave., then moving along Main Street to the Guru Nanak Temple on B Street. The Sikh festival is funded solely by donations, according to organizers. Sikhism is a religion that was founded in India. It has 27 million followers, more than 5 million of them living outside India. Sikhs make up nearly 20 percent of Livingston’s population.

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