To Our Readers: Merced Sun-Star to offer Digital Access subscriptions

11/20/2012 5:09 PM

11/20/2012 5:13 PM

To Our Readers:

Newspaper websites around the country have begun charging readers to access their sites during the last couple of years. Beginning today, The Merced Sun-Star will do so as well, launching a new subscription package for access to digital news.

Reporters break news throughout the 24‐hour news cycle at, whether new stories or developments on continuing stories. The site also offers video, photo galleries and databases not available in print, as well as the opportunity for readers to weigh in on civic affairs through our online comments. Along with our website, our digital products include the e‐Edition replica of the printed newspaper, available on devices such as computers and tablets, as well as various smartphone applications.

Print subscribers will continue to have free digital access until their current subscription renews, at which time a modest modification to the rate will be applied. Regular digital readers - those who do not already subscribe to the print edition - will be required to do so for continued access to our digital products; introductory pricing for our digital-only access begins at $0.99 per month. Both print and digital customers will not only have full access to the Sun-Star's digital products, but also those of The Modesto Bee (

Go online to to check subscription packages and pricing.

Dave Hill

Managing Editor, The Sun-Star

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