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Teaching your dog to jump through hoops

DEAR OLD TRAINER: My sister Madison and I saw a guy at the park and he held out his arm and his dog jumped over it and then he held his arms in a circle and his dog jumped through it. We have Lucy a Jack Russell dog and want to teach her to jump like that except we don’t know if little dogs can do it and we don’t know how to teach it.


Man injured after fall from UC Merced building

A man was injured, but conscious and talking, after falling from at least one story Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, from the Classroom and Office Building 2 at the UC Merced, a university spokesperson said. It also wasn't known whether the man jumped or if it was accidental.

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Dems struggle to vet candidates in fast-moving #MeToo moment

The early exit on Friday of Andrea Ramsey, a leading Democratic candidate in a key congressional race – a woman backed by the deep pockets of liberal Emily’s List – underscores both how unprepared these new candidates are for the unforgiving political scrutiny of a battleground campaign and the difficulty of fully vetting so many recruits.