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Meet Indivisible, the young progressives leading the Trump resistance

What started with a small group batting around ideas on how to move forward under a Trump administration has blossomed into a national movement, known as Indivisible. The mission centers on grass-roots advocacy targeting members of Congress inclined to work with the new administration and those who, in Indivisible’s view, don’t do enough to oppose it.

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Two months out of office, Barack Obama is having a post-presidency like no other

So far, Obama is keeping things low-key, despite clamoring from Democrats for him to do more. But the unprecedented nature of this particular post-presidency means his respite could be brief. Not only are the Obamas still young and unusually popular for a post-White House couple, their decision to stay in Washington while their younger daughter finishes high school has combined with the compulsion of the new Trump administration to keep pulling them back into the spotlight.


Cesar Chavez march in Merced

People chant and march during the annual Cesar Chavez march in Merced, Calif., on Saturday, March, 25, 2017. Participants chanted and marched from the Merced County Fairgrounds to the Merced Senior Community Center.