Strange tales from the world of pets and vets

So our school held a softball banquet for the team. Parents were asked to provide potluck. We brought ribs. Which somehow reminded a physician friend of her med-school days and the particular anatomy class when one of her classmates suddenly realized that both male and female human beings had the same number of rib bones. Every time. He counted. He was so distraught that he had to leave the classroom. How to account for Adam’s rib?


On Gardening: Golden Delicious pineapple sage

There is an old adage that you can't have your cake and eat it too, which is most likely correct, but with Golden Delicious I assure you, you can have your pineapple and eat it too. Well maybe I should clarify; we aren't taking fruit, but the most luscious sage on the planet.

Some of Merced's poorest neighborhoods struggle to get fresh food. This will help

Health officials and advocates in Merced County are heading a program, Farm to Store, that puts locally grown fruits and vegetables in convenience stores around South Merced that otherwise wouldn't sell fresh produce.