Marriage licenses (12-14-13)

12/13/2013 9:00 PM

12/13/2013 9:01 PM

Aquileo Ramos and Blanca Rodriguez-Magana , Los Banos, Dec. 4

Michael Roberts and Ravonia Swafford , Dos Palos, Dec. 4

Anthony Cooper Jr. and Marissa Brache , Los Banos, Dec 4

Timothy Herring and Marie Tagge , Atwater, Dec. 5

Elva Flores Gonzalez and Samuel Gonzalez , Turlock, Dec. 5

Mario Rodriguez Melchor and Esthela Nunez Jimenez , Merced, Dec. 5

Andre Alvarez and Alayza Sandoval-Hernandez , Winton, Dec. 6

Eljin Diaz Florian and Mayri Hernandez Anavisca , Los Banos, Dec. 6

Steven Attebery Jr. and Elizabeth Clark , Delhi, Dec. 6

Josue Acosta and Sandra Garcia , Merced, Dec. 6

Johnny Gonzales and Geovonna Carraman , Los Banos, Dec. 6

Janet Montanez and Eduardo Cabrera Montoya , Livingston, Dec. 6

Juan Mendoza and Martha Lucero Soriano , Merced, Dec. 6

Dinasurina Briones and Ramiro Solorio , Merced, Dec. 6

William Turner and Elizabeth Patterson , Merced, Dec. 6

Mariano Ibarra Pena and Zendi Roque Hernandez , Merced, Dec. 9

Ramiro Morales-Pascual and Blanca Sanchez-Garcia , Livingston, Dec. 9

Cesar Nava and Jazmin Rueda Pelaez , Los Banos, Dec. 13

Andrew Minor and Dalia Garcia , Merced, Dec. 13

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