Marriages (5/3/14)

05/02/2014 4:32 PM

05/02/2014 4:33 PM

Michael Borelli and Rebecca Carbery , Los Banos, April 15

Carlos Partida and Veronica Torres , Los Banos, April 15

Blanca Aguilar Velez and Hugo Romo Torres , Los Banos, April 15

Christopher Thompson and Katie Snell , Waterford, April 15

Paola Chavez-Torres and Jose Bautista-Higareda , Merced, April 15

Felipe Lopez and Margaret Lazano , Los Banos, April 16

Nathaniel McKinnon , Merced, and Yer Lee , Winton, April 16

Simon McAuliffe-Oyon and Kimberley Steward , Atwater, April 16

Brian Elmore and Kimberly Tipple , Los Banos, April 16

Alejandro Velez-Alcazar and Liliana Hernandez-Negrete , Turlock, April 16

Abraham Marquez , Salinas, and Abigail Bernabe , Atwater, April 16

Roman Vasquez-Perez and Heriberta Carreno-Antonio , Merced, April 16

Carolann Zarate and Patrick Guerrero , Merced, April 16

Valerie Swilley and Robert Heyman , Merced, April 16

Phillip Soares , Modesto, and Maya Kubo , Turlock, April 17

Ramon Santoyo Duran Jr. and Sofia Ortizhernandez , Winton, April 17

Perla Colmenares-Venegas and Antonio Pacheco Figueroa , Merced, April 17

John Tharp and Stephanie Busbea , Merced, April 17

Mathew O’Neill and Kristen Spencer , Merced, April 18

Luis Saille and Jasmine Salazar , Los Banos, April 18

Rogelio Rodrigurz Jr. and Miriam Vega , Snelling, April 18

Margaret Snyder and Nicholas Coronado , Dos Palos, April 18

Sharla Hogan , Chowchilla, and Christopher Antonio Sr. , Merced, April 18

Yvonne Stuckey and William Barker , Merced, April 18

Monica Morales and Juan Esquivel , Merced, April 18

Eduardo Perez and Jasmin Cervantes , Atwater, April 18

Alfonso Fregoso Jr. and Daisy Solorio , Chowchilla, April 18

Frank Caballero and Maria Perez Galvan , Atwater, April 18

Miguel Garcia Ojeda , Los Banos, and Steffanie Garcia , Dos Palos, April 21

Joshua Acker , Merced, and Jennifer Marsh , Madera, April 21

Francisco Camarillo-Crispin , Merced, and Cristina Almanza Villagomez , Planada, April 21

Laura Fontes and Brandon Ruscoe , Merced, April 21

Kevin Dougherty and William Gamble , Snelling, April 21

Herminia Rodriguez and Eliodoro Torres , Los Banos, April 21

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