Divorces in Merced County (5/10/14)

05/09/2014 4:23 PM

05/09/2014 4:24 PM

Arasely , Medina and Torres, Luis, April 28

Moors , John and Cynthia, April 28

Wotila , David, and Schnaus, Katja, April 28

Gregorio , Lucy and Adolfo, April 28

Cardoso , Heather and Elio, April 28

Ledesma , Guadalupe, and Muniz, Francisco, April 28

Freitas , John and Maria, April 28

Macias , Berenice, and Montalvo, Rafael, April 28

Hathaway , Sabrina and Andrew, April 28

Heisler , Albert and Olivia, April 28

Rangel , Alma, and Hurtado, Gustavo, April 28

Berlier , Lisa, and Baria, Antonio, April 28

Olivares , Yesenia and Miguel, April 28

Mendiola , Alfredo, and Serna, Camella, April 28

Arroyo , Roberto, and Griselda, April 28

Thompson , Margatet and Steven, April 28

Martinez , Maria and Valdes, Gonzaalo, April 28

Soria , Liliana and Jose, April 29

Duran , Andrew and Hernandez, Rosemary, May 1

Martinez , Ema, and Flores, Antonio, May 2

Bains , Manoj and Jasmin, May 2

Reyes , Rosalinda, and Perez, Rosalio, May 2

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