July 10, 2010

Carol Reiter: If only Moss had stayed little

I saw an adorable puppy last weekend, a puppy that was full of the future, with huge feet and a beautiful head.

He wasn't a border collie, although he lives with border collies. It doesn't matter what breed he is, his new owner did her homework and now she has a pretty, well-bred, superdispositioned little puppy that I would steal if I could.

When he got tired, he came over where we were sitting, and tried to get up on a porch swing. Despite his size, he couldn't make it, he just wasn't coordinated enough yet. So I helped him up, and after about 15 minutes, helped him back down.

Wow. Did that bring back memories. I remember when Moss was so little he couldn't jump on my bed. It seems like that was years ago, but in reality it was just months ago. I thought he was so cute when he couldn't make it up, and he would stare at me, with his one bright blue eye and his other dark brown one.

When I'd help him up, he would snuggle up next to me, or lay flat on his back, asking for a belly rub.

Those days are long gone. The minute Moss learned how to jump on my bed, it became a game. A big, not-so-funny game.

I do not like dogs jumping on and off my bed. Either get on the bed and lie down or get off. Those are the two choices my dogs have, and they all abide by it. Except for Moss.

Lenny gave up on the whole bed thing a long time ago. Now his bones are a bit too old to be jumping much (I can relate, believe me), so he has a nice comfy dog bed to sleep on.

Peg loves to lie and gaze out my window, hoping that maybe some coyotes or a stray horse or two might pass by, and give her an excuse to bark her tiny little brains out.

But Peg knows that once on the bed, that's it. Lie still or get down. Period.

Jan knows the rules too. She likes to lie flat on her back, with the fan blowing on her, and not move for hours.

Not Moss. He jumps on the bed, gets snapped at by Peg, then steps in the middle of Jan trying to get away. Jan takes no guff from any dog, and the first time Moss touches her, Jan's on kill alert. And believe me, she means it.

Moss knows she means it too. He tries to stay away from her, and if that means jumping in the middle of me, no problem. He has more fear of Jan than of me, after all, she's quicker and her teeth are sharper.

I have worked hard for the past month to make that monster dog learn the rules of the house, and he is getting better. But when I saw that adorable pup, I realized that I really do miss the cute little blue-eyed pup that I brought home a year ago.

I miss that little puppy. But I guess I'll have to get my puppy fix from other pups for now, because no more puppies for me, not for a long, long time.

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