August 7, 2010

Carol Reiter: No messing with ill-feeling dog

My dog Jan was sick a couple of weeks ago.

She only spent the day at the vet's but you would have thought she had been captured, tortured and then barely escaped with her life.

When Jan came home, I paid the price of taking the poor dear dog to the vet and abandoning her. This was the first time she had ever been away from home without me or my friend, and she wasn't going to let me forget it.

I, of course, felt sorry for her. But not as sorry as she felt for herself. She got out of the car gingerly and walked slowly up the steps to the front door. When I opened the door, she headed directly for my room.

I went out to get the other dogs, pretty sure that if they bothered Jan she would put them in their place.

First dog to find Jan was Moss. He raced down the hall, jumped on my bed and got attacked by a bed shark.

Well, that's what it sounded like. Moss screamed and before I could get to the hall he was back in the kitchen, crying and feeling right sorry for himself.

I laughed, I thought it was pretty funny. Maybe Moss would learn to stay the heck out of the way of the other dogs. All Moss wanted was to go back outside, where he knew there were no bed sharks.

So I let Moss back outside, and headed down the hall with Len and Peg. Len doesn't get on my bed anymore, his old bones are too creaky, and besides, he knows better than to mess with Jan.

But Peg is a bit thick. She jumped on the bed, and she was happy to see her mother.

Jan wasn't glad to see Peg. She peeled back her lips, snapped in the little needle-nosed dog's face, and that was the end of Peg on my bed for the night.

The next morning, I decided to leave Jan in the house. She didn't want to go outside, she wasn't feeling well, thank you, and she wasn't about to go out with those common dogs. So I left her food and water, and went off to work.

That night, Jan wouldn't go in the backyard, but she went out the front. She slowly walked around, and it took her forever to do her business.

That night, Moss wasn't about to be caught again. When he came in, he stuck with me. When I was ready to head to the bedroom, he was at my heel, and when I got to the bedroom door, he wouldn't go in.

Instead, he stood outside and peered around the corner. When he saw Jan, he was gone. Peg also walked in the room slowly, and when she saw Jan, she got in her crate.

But the worst part of Jan's convalescence was how she treated me. She was positive I was the cause of all her problems, and she wasn't going to let me forget it.

Jan played this game for three days. She glared at me if I wanted her to go outside, and when I asked her to move her freckled body from the middle of the bed, she only rolled her eyes at me.

But good health finally came back to my poor dog, and she's back to normal now. And a couple of good things came from the whole episode.

First, Moss has decided that he just might not want to go jumping randomly on and off my bed, because you never know when a bed shark might be up there.

And Peg found out that the crate is a pretty nice place to be. There's a nice, soft bed and no mean mom to bite her skinny little nose off.

I'm glad Jan is feeling better, I truly did feel sorry for her. But not as sorry as she felt for herself.

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