Parents @ Play: Live action from your favorite screens

Our agent is still trying to set up the Parents@Play TV show and action figures. Meanwhile, pretty much everyone else seems to have them (the Kardashians? Really?). Over the next few months we'll devote occasional columns to toys and games with TV and/or movie tie-ins. This week we take a look at one character who has made the transition from small screen to big, and a family of characters who seem perfectly content - for the time being - with being on TV. Keep your eye out for dinosaurs, minions, superheroes and more.


Living with Children: Has child-centered parenting backfired?

In the 1960s, child and teen mental health and behavior problems began an alarming rise that has continued to the present. In 1970, one of my grad school professors proposed that this trend could be explained with the flight-or-fight principle (i.e. in response to perceived threat, a person is inclined to either flee or stand and fight).

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