Ask Mr. Dad: Caught with your pants down, literally

Dear Mr. Dad: I'm a single dad and have been going out with a wonderful woman for quite a while. She sometimes spends the night, but last time, my 8-year-old daughter walked in on us while we were making love. I don't think she was there very long, but she was crying and seemed frightened by the whole thing, and my girlfriend didn't take it too well either. What should I do? Did I just scar my daughter for life?


Ex-etiquette: Stepmom shouldn't rush involvement in kids' school activities

Six months ago I married a man who shares equal custody of his two children with their mother. I am happy to say I get along well with the kids, and they love me to go to their recitals, Open House and Parent Teacher conferences. I have read your column for years, so their dad and I are always careful to tell their mother in advance when I will be attending. She still gets very angry and has told us on many occasions that she does not think it appropriate that I attend. Do we go at her pace or at the kids' pace? What's good ex-etiquette?

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