My favorite Christmas things are priceless

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will each spend an average of $53.68 for Christmas decorations this year. As the owner of five small and one large Christmas tree, that seems kind of a low-ball estimate.


Lean In: Hyo Jin Park, graduate, City Colleges of Chicago

In South Korea high school is supposed to be a focused, high-stakes, demanding time. Every student starts studying at 7a.m. and does not stop unit they fall asleep. This is to ensure getting the best possible score on the country's Scholastic Aptitude Test and obtaining a spot in one of the few universities that are considered "worthy." I did not do any of this. For me, high school was an escape from my home life and I was near failing my classes because of my lack of effort. In the end I was lucky enough to get accepted to a decent school, but capitalizing on this would be the most difficult experience of my life.

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