Living with Children: Has child-centered parenting backfired?

In the 1960s, child and teen mental health and behavior problems began an alarming rise that has continued to the present. In 1970, one of my grad school professors proposed that this trend could be explained with the flight-or-fight principle (i.e. in response to perceived threat, a person is inclined to either flee or stand and fight).


Ex-etiquette: Rethink dating a guy who doesn't yet have an 'ex'

Q. I'm thirty-nine-years old, divorced with a seven-year-old daughter, and I have to say, at my age it's difficult to find someone interesting who doesn't have a lot of history. To make things worse, between my hectic work schedule and my daughter, I have very little time to date. I just met someone I really like, but after three dates, have come to find that he's separated, not divorced as he first told me. He and his "ex-wife" still live together because she is saving up enough money to move out, but they no longer sleep in the same room. Should I continue in this relationship? What do you think?


Ask Mr. Dad: Hey, we were born that way

Dear Mr. Dad: We have a two boys, ages 6 and 4. We've tried hard to raise them the same way, but they're completely different. The older one is generally pretty calm and cheerful, but the younger one is wild, noisy and impossible to discipline. How could two kids raised in the same house by the same parents be such polar opposites?

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