Marriages (9/28/13)

09/27/2013 8:23 PM

09/27/2013 8:25 PM

Travis Lawrie and Isabel Soto , Merced, Sept. 17

Francisco Galvan-Castillo and Ruth Figueroa Tejeda , Winton, Sept. 17

Norma Garcia-Hernandez and Jose Bugarin , Merced, Sept. 17

Eric Vaz and Rocio Garcia , Merced, Sept. 17

Joseph Trindade and Bethany Robinson , Atwater, Sept. 18

Carlos Ochoa and Lucinda Rodriguez , Atwater, Sept. 18

Angela Castillo and Alberto Felix , Atwater, Sept. 18

Henry Arevalo and Dora Guereca Benitez , Merced, Sept. 18

Ildefonso Ramirez-Andrade and Rosalinda Juarez Mojica , Atwater, Sept. 19

Joshua Richards and Elizabeth Wofford , Fresno, Sept. 19

Matthew Schwartz and Laura Bain , Atwater, Sept. 19

Chante Dobbins, Atwater and Vincent Wilkins , Merced, Sept. 19

Lauren Thoreson , Cressey, and Adam Kersten , Delhi, Sept. 20

David Walker III , Winton, and Markita Martin , Merced, Sept. 20

Lilibeth Sedano and Daniel Veloz , Merced, Sept. 20

Luis Aguilar Jr. and Ana Avina , Winton, Sept. 20

Maricela Aguilar and Victor Lopez Martin , Merced, Sept. 20

Alexis Vasquez Lopez , Los Banos, and Erica Lopez , Bonsall, Sept. 20

Perla Partida Mendivil and Julio Granados-Gonzalez , Delhi, Sept. 20

Lisa Saucedo and Ryan Fields , Merced, Sept. 20

Erin Zimowske and Rogelio Alvarez, Jr ., Delhi, Sept. 20

Danny Zapien , Modesto, and Nancy Barajas-Morales , Chowchilla, Sept. 23

Garth Martin and Deanna De La Torre , Los Banos, Sept. 23

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