Marriage Licenses (10/19/13)

10/18/2013 6:56 PM

10/18/2013 6:57 PM

Mallisha Rainey and Jason Baumsteiger , Merced, Oct. 7

Cecilia Hernandez and Saulo Tristan , Merced, Oct. 7

Tera Jones and Adam Davis , Merced, Oct. 7

Araceli Arpero and Horacio Jimenez-Garcia , Atwater, Oct. 7

Nicholas Von Teck and Manuel Peres , Rockford, Oct. 8

Christina Mendoza and Jose Garcia-Morales , Merced, Oct. 8

James Yong , Atwater, and Vilaxay Mekhagnomdara , Fresno, Oct. 8

Mayra Rangel Figueroa and Jose Valencia-Ramirez , Merced, Oct. 8

James Crawford and Naioma Slayter , Merced, Oct. 9

Cristina Ferreira-Arteaga and Victoria Silva , Chowchilla, Oct. 9

Heather Sterner and Marcos Alvarenga Canel , Merced, Oct. 9

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