Marriage Licenses (11/2/13)

11/01/2013 3:18 PM

11/01/2013 9:03 PM

Melissa Kyhn and James Dalrymple , Wailuku, Oct. 10

Valerie Diaz and Manuel Mazon , Merced, Oct. 22

Paul Leonardo III and Staci Neal , Merced, Oct. 22

Micheal Wise Sr. and Sheila Wise , Merced, Oct. 23

Ramon Flores Ruiz , Merced, and Daisy Batista , Fresno, Oct. 23

Matthew Puglizevich and Misty Hildreth , Atwater, Oct. 23

Brachen Millikan , Livingston, and Katherine Gudgel , Merced, Oct. 23

Maleni Tacuba Dominguez and Eric Perez , Planada, Oct. 24

Patricia Espinoza and Raul Ramirez Jr , Merced, Oct. 24

Sandra Azua-Ruiz and Juan Maciel-Guerra , Snelling, Oct. 24

Carlos Fagundes and Linda Blades , Hilmar, Oct. 25

Rolando Medina Roldan and Denis Flores Perez , Delhi, Oct. 25

Virginia Henley and Michael Miller , Merced, Oct. 25

Terri Gaddess and Jimmy Ramos , Merced, Oct. 28

Robert Codd , Merced, and Lily Tolentino , Daly City, Oct. 28

Antoinnette Carrasco and Brit Lippincott , Los Banos, Oct. 28

Nathan Johnson and Kimberly Cote , Delhi, Oct. 28

Timothy Starkweather and Lorilynne Leath , Atwater, Oct. 28

Kelsey Riggs and Eben Rodriguez , Merced, Oct. 28

Michael Garcia and Adriana Ferreira-Hernandez , Merced, Oct. 28

Guillermo Jones and Felicia Elmore , Los Banos, Oct. 28

Michael Ward Sr. and Helen Skipworth , Chowchilla, Oct. 28

Eli Jelly-Schapiro and Zsofia Jilling , Merced, Oct. 29

Brandon Terr and Adriana Ferreira-Hernandez , Atwater, Oct. 29

Maria Padilla Pulido , Atwater, and Jose Pardo-Guzman , Merced, Oct. 29

Darrell Adams and Catherine Lund , Turlock, Oct. 29

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