Marriage licenses (2/22/14)

02/21/2014 3:47 PM

02/21/2014 7:24 PM

Tong Vang and Bao Yang , Merced, Feb. 11

Michelle Parreira and Anthony Rodriguez Jr ., Chowchilla, Feb. 11

David Garcia Oseguera and Celina Garcia , Merced, Feb. 11

Oscar Martinez and Adriana Perez , Delhi, Feb. 11

Santiago Vargas-Ordaz and Nancy Iniguez-Martinez , Merced, Feb. 11

Eric Perez and Ashley Gaines , Merced, Feb. 11

David Tejeda, Winton, Mirella Mendoza , Livingston, Feb. 13

Kathy Unerwood, Crescent Springs, and Balwinder Singh , Chowchilla, Feb. 13

Ana Gomez and Manpreet Singh , Turlock, Feb. 13

Sylvia Piceno-Madrigal and Oliverio Chavez-Coria , Winton, Feb. 13

Marcial Gaytan-Gonzalez and Cristina Hernandez Rodriguez , Merced, Feb. 13

Nallely Cruz and Santiago Villarreal-Lopez , Planada, Feb. 13

Mathew Rogers and Mackenzie Wallenburg , Coulterville, Feb. 13

Jose Ayala and Guadalupe Sanchez , Delhi, Feb. 13

Cesar Vazquez and Irma Martinez , Merced, Feb. 14

Serena Winzer and Steven Mays Jr ., Merced, Feb. 14

Lazaro Mata Jr. and Secundina Marin-Rodriguez , Merced, Feb. 14

Jose Soto Jr. and Annette Avalos , Merced, Feb. 14

Daisy Diaz and James Thornton , Los Banos, Feb. 14

Rueben Rodarte and Liliana Morales , Merced, Feb. 14

Michael Costa and Lenora Costa , Dos Palos, Feb. 14

Eddie Grande and Elizabeth Montes Mata , Atwater, Feb. 14

Alyssa Vargas and Jesse Valencia , Merced, Feb. 14

Jack Booker and Celestial Wilson , Merced, Feb. 14

Lourdes Arboleda and James Velasquez , Gustine, Feb. 18

Penny Rascon and Larry Hall , Dos Palos, Feb. 18

Tyler York and Joselia Brasil , Fresno, Feb. 18

Jose Lozano and Marisol Aparicio , Livinston, Feb. 19

Vanessa Gallegos and Rod Hunter , Gustine, Feb. 19

Rocio Rodriguez , Gilroy, and Cosme Garcia Escorza , Los Banos, Feb. 19

Santana Cabrera Resendez and Silvia Cortez , Planada, Feb. 19

Daniel Gomez-Castillo and Maria Segura Avalos , Merced, Feb. 20

Rosalva Ruiz and Jose Arteaga-Ramirez , Los Banos, Feb. 20

William Rasmussen and Stacey Braun , Merced, Feb. 20

Melody Gomez and Christopher Brasil , Merced, Feb. 20

Frederick Hughes and Danielle Funderburk , Merced, Feb. 20

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