Marriage licenses (3/1/14)

02/28/2014 6:00 PM

02/28/2014 7:28 PM

Jose Lozano and Marisol Aparicio , Livingston, Feb. 19

Vanessa Gallegos and Rod Hunter , Gustine, Feb. 19

Rocio Rodriguez , Gilroy, and Cosme Garcia Escorza , Los Banos, Feb. 19

Santana Cabrera Resendez and Silvia Cortez , Planada, Feb. 19

Daniel Gomez-Castillo and Maria Segura Avalos , Merced, Feb. 20

Rosalva Ruiz and Hose Arteaga-Ramirez , Los Banos, Feb. 20

William Rasmussen and Stacey Braun , Merced, Feb. 20

Melody Gomez and Christopher Brasil , Merced, Feb. 20

Frederick Hughes and Danielle Funderburk , Merced, Feb. 20

Jose Esparza-Rico and Severa Guerrero , Atwater, Feb. 20

Juan Corona, Santa Ana, and Yesenia Gonzalez Plascencia , Livingston, Feb. 20

Claudia Diaz-Lopez and Jose Garcia , Livingston, Feb. 21

Brenda Sepulveda and Lorenzo Hernandez Martinez , Los Banos, Feb. 21

Dulce Uriostegui and Cristobal Garcia Mejia , Los Banos, Feb. 21

Araceli Montanez Solorio and Jose Piceno Ramirez , Livingston, Feb. 21

Davis Hernandez Mandujano and Mariela Trujillo , Atwater, Feb. 21

Jose Garcia Arevalo , Firebaugh, and Maria Rodriguez Pelagio , Dos Palos, Feb. 21

Humberto Pacheco-Garcia and Yvette Fuentes-Mendoza , Livingston, Feb. 21

Ignacio Garcia Perez and Patricia Valencia Ramos , Merced, Feb. 21

Pauline Apodaca and John Yanez Jr., Merced, Feb. 24

Catherine Schnmidt , Livingston, and Albert May , Stacyville, Feb. 24

Maria Ortiz-Soto and Ramon Contreras-Casterjon , Merced, Feb. 24

Jesus Arroyo Ayala and Brenda Lopez , Turlock, Feb. 24

Oscar Ramiriz-Cabellero and Ma Padilla Garcia , Merced, Feb. 24

Jose Santoyo-Gallegos and Micaela Sandoval Magdaleno , Los Banos, Feb. 24

Diana Ruiz Diaz and Marco Lopez Cardona , Los Banos, Feb. 24

Maria Perez and Salvador Nunez-Bunuelos , Atwater, Feb. 24

Louise Dean and Oscar Castaneda , Merced, Feb. 24

Julio Cesar Lanschi Da Silva , Modesto and Rubi Delgado Alvarado , Merced, Feb. 24

Lorena Granados and Louie Servin , Merced, Feb. 25

Michael Marchi and Brittany Lucas , Los Banos, Feb. 25

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