Divorces (4/26/14)

04/26/2014 12:00 AM

04/25/2014 8:13 PM

Gonzales , Virginia and Reinaldo, April 14

Gonzalez , Nancy and Martinez, Richard, April 15

Avila , Maria and Nuno, Joaquin, April 15

Zamora , Yolanda and Valencia, Juan, April 15

Reyes , Norma and Campos, Roberto, April 15

Imbrie , Elyssa and Richard, April 15

Cuevas , Aldevaran and Higgins, Corey, April 15

Xiong , Chai and Lee, Joua, April 15

Herrera , Maria and Luna, Elijio, April 15

Perez , Terry and Juan, April 15

Bains , Manoj and Jasmin, April 15

Souders , Charley and Eloise, April 17

Garcia , Anthony and Laurie, April 17

Gamble , Marisela and Donald, April17

Bettencourt , Joe and Julia, April 18

Cayous , Timothy and Danielle, April 18

Hatton , Michelle and Joshua, April 18

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