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March 29, 2014

Michelle Oliver: Tired of denim? Try pants of a different color

If you have been to a mall anytime in the last two years, you probably have noticed almost every store now carries colored pants. After realizing there are only so many ways to style denim, I decided to branch out and try a more colorful option.

If you have been to a mall anytime in the last two years, you have probably noticed almost every store now carries colored pants.

At first I was hesitant to try them because I tend to wear only denim jeans. However, after realizing there are only so many ways to style denim, I decided to branch out and try more colorful options.

About the time I came to this realization of needing some more color in my life, Helen & Louise downtown just happened to be having a major sidewalk sale. I was ecstatic when a pair of mint-green pants caught my eye. They were adorable, happened to be my size and were exactly what I was looking for. Without any hesitation, I grabbed them and pretty much ran to the register.

On the way home I was a bit in shock that I had made such a monumental purchase without having given it much thought. Yes, I normally overanalyze clothes before I buy them because I previously had a bad habit of not liking things once I got them home. My head started spinning a million directions on how to style these amazing new pants; the possibilities were endless.

I decided I wanted to ease my way into this new trend because it was so different from what I was used to wearing. I’m sure most of you can relate that when you get stuck in a rut in the clothing department, it is really hard to get out of it.

However, I am so happy I took the plunge because I found out how awesome colored pants really are.

I paired my new pants with an adorable gray sweater I have had for years. It seemed to balance out the green pants and not look too chaotic. I then added a cream-and-brown scarf and some black high-heeled sandals. It was the perfect combination for a day at the office, and I felt confident and bold wearing it.

Here are a few recommendations for you if you are trying a new trend or branching out your wardrobe:

• If you don’t love it in the store, don’t buy it. If there is one thing I have learned while being a fashion blogger, it is that if I don’t love it in the store, I will not wear it once it’s mine. People can tell when you’re not comfortable in something, and if you are on the fence about the purchase, don’t make it.
• Dress for your body type. Just because it is a new trend that everyone is talking about, doesn’t mean it will complement your body – and you should be perfectly OK with that. Everyone has a different body. The fun in finding what looks best on you. You’re going to make mistakes – be OK with it.

I can tell you truthfully that there are some days I walk in the door from a long day, look in the mirror and think, “What was I thinking this morning?” I have to laugh at myself because it generally reverts back to not dressing for my body type or not loving it in the store.

• Have fun. If I would have told myself to have fun, I would have tried colored pants when they first started becoming a hot trend. I would have then realized how awesome they really are and could have created a few more stylish outfits. I’m so glad I finally came around and got on board – hope you do too.

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