Russ Winton: Wine List

Wine tips for your turkey dinner

For some, Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they see only once a year and then decide once a year is way too often. For others, it is a day of relaxation and feasting with people they love. If you are hosting the big day and stressing about wine, here are a few simple suggestions.

Russ Winton: Wine List

Wine Line: Wine Institute Expands Website

The Wine Institute’s consumer website, is a good resource for wine lovers. The site offers information on California’s wine regions with maps, a winery finder and calendar of events in the state and around the world, wine and food pairings, seasonal recipes and more. The Institute recently translated the website for its top export markets, including the European Union’s 28 member countries, accounting for $617 million in annual sales; followed by Canada, $454 million; Japan, $102 million; Hong Kong, $78 million; China, $77 million; Mexico, $22 million and South Korea, $18 million.

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