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May 5, 2012

Lunden Souza: Healthy eating worth the sacrifice

When talking to my clients about eating healthy and maintaining a healthy diet, a lot of people get frustrated because they feel that transitioning into healthy eating habits is going to require a lot more money than they are used to spending on food. While it is true that healthy and fresh ingredients are a bit more costly than frozen meals and fast food, there is absolutely no question that there is a true tradeoff when it comes to your internal health as well as healthy lifestyle habits.

When I started purchasing my own food at the grocery store and really stocking up, I realized that there had to be cuts in other areas of my life in order to afford the grocery bill.

Things like eating out at sit-down restaurants and going to bars and clubs had to be eliminated if I wanted to continue a healthy and clean lifestyle. Eating out at unhealthy restaurants cost my figure, the tab, tax, and tip, and before I knew it I had just devoured too many calories and a $20 lunch. Going out to bars and clubs had an expense list including a taxi cab ride, cover charge, drinks and another cab home. These weekly themes in my life absolutely had to be cut down to about once a month if I wanted to maintain a full fridge and a toned figure. There had to be some sort of sacrifice.

Now that I have greatly cut down on outside unnecessary routine expenses, I have really tried to make sure I am not wasting the food that I am purchasing at the grocery store.

Sometimes I would make something and leave it in a Tupperware container for weeks, only to realize that it was then too old to even consider eating. Or if I made too much at dinner time, I would just throw it away instead of saving it because I figured I'd never get around to eating it before it spoiled. So I have been really trying to make sure that there is minimal waste when it comes to the foods I am cooking at home.

I have really been trying to prevent wasting vegetables. Dinner time for me usually consists of some sort of protein and vegetables. I sauté the vegetables in olive oil and spices to soften them up a bit and give them some flavor. Often, I would notice that I'd make way too many vegetables and they would become too mushy to eat after a couple days. I started saving veggies left over at dinner to add to egg scrambles the next morning. Just add the leftover vegetables to a pan with non-fat cooking spray and heat them up. Then add the eggs and scramble. Serve with a side of whole-wheat toast or English muffin with spray butter and you have an awesome and healthy breakfast.

Another thing I would waste a lot of is coffee. I am not very good at measuring or just making enough for myself. There is always at least an extra cup of coffee that I used to just pour down the drain. To keep from wasting coffee, I have been saving the excess and putting it in the fridge. Instead of using almond milk or water in my protein shakes, sometimes I will use coffee as the base instead. One cup of coffee, one scoop of vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder, one whole banana, cinnamon and ice have become a great breakfast or snack that is packed with protein and also a bit of caffeine for an added boost. This puts those morning coffee drinks to shame.

There has to be a tradeoff when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. As with any situation, things do not just come easy or without a price. If it is really important to you and your family to live a healthy, nutritious and fit life, then it is time to give up unnecessary and unhealthy expensive habits and really learn how to make the most out of your new life.

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