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June 16, 2012

Lunden Souza: Burn those calories at spin class

When a workout program gets repetitive and uninteresting, it is a lot less likely to be adhered to than one that is motivating, exciting, new and innovative.

I seek new exercises and types of workouts on a weekly basis so that my clients' workouts, as well as my own, do not become dull and uninspired.

According to the Association of Applied Sports Psychology, nearly 80 percent of people that start a workout program do not stick to it. They also share that the biggest motivator for sticking to a workout plan is when it is enjoyable.

Repetition and sameness in the workout realm is definitely not enjoyable.

Spin class is one of those workouts that takes me to another level. I first took a spin class five years ago at the gym and fell in love with the style and intensity of the music. There was something about pushing yourself on a bike, in a dim room, to some awesome music that made the time go by so fast. I was having an awesome time.

I continued to take spin classes at different gyms; they were all about the same, some a bit harder than others.

I came home to Merced to visit a couple of months ago and had the privilege of taking a spin class at In-Shape City with Jamie. Her class was the most fun spin class I had ever taken. It was creative and incorporated different motions and props that I had never used before at any other gym.

As Jamie is a friend of mine, I had a lot of questions for her about the class; and as a fellow trainer, seeing something new and innovative can be motivating.

Jamie initially started taking spin as an attempt to take off some unwanted weight. And just like me, she was obsessed with spin the minute she got on the bike. She loved that she could just escape in the music and take herself to a pleasant place mentally, all the while taking off the unpleasant extra pounds.

Now an instructor, she strives to make her classes unique to keep her clients motivated and feeling the way she feels when she is on her spin bike.

Spin is a huge part of who Jamie is and how far she has come in fitness and health. She said that every time she hears a song she likes on the radio, she imagines she is on a spin bike and what the tempo would be like. A huge part of her class is encouraging the riders to feel the music and go with the beat of the music.

One of questions I had was how she maintains her energy level and takes the class as she is teaching it, at full intensity.

Jamie believes she is setting an example when she is on the bike. Whether there are new or advanced clients in the class, it is always good to have a model of good form, technique and pure motivation.

Having taken her class, I can tell you Jamie is a motivating and challenging instructor.

Depending on the individual, one can burn from 400-900 calories per spin class. Jamie encourages people to wear a heart monitor while taking a spin class to get an idea of how many calories you are torching, as well as an indicator to work harder to reach caloric goals.

When you see how many calories you are melting off, you will definitely want to work harder to increase that number. Your mind will become stronger to focus and push harder to achieve your goals.

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