Lunden Souza: Being positive can be positively healthy when it comes to fitness

10/11/2013 8:51 PM

10/11/2013 9:09 PM

In my columns, in conversations with clients and in response to emails, I feel like I’m always talking health and fitness.

I talk and write a lot about the physical things you can do and other changes you can make to improve your fitness. Whether that is doing a particular workout or eating certain foods, it really never gets old or boring to write or talk about – I love my line of work.

One important aspect I want to highlight is that the journey of reaching health and fitness goals – while clearly encompassing working out and eating healthy – also involves having a positive mental attitude. This means more than just motivation and determination to reach your personal goals.

What would happen if we made positivity toward ourselves and others a part of our personal health and fitness journey, as well?

When I first became really serious about my health and fitness, I thought it was all about having the most ripped physique, the coolest athletic gear and the longest workouts — basically, all about me.

When I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer and have a career in health and fitness, I still thought it was my body and how people saw me physically that would set me apart from the rest. Through my own personal health and fitness journey, as well as helping my clients with their journeys, what I discovered gets you where you want to be it a positive approach.

Positivity is contagious. When you are happy, people want what you have.

My dad would make this very clear with his fingers. He would say, “Are you going to be this (holding one finger out in a negative gesture) or this (using two fingers to make a plus sign)?”

So are you going to be negative or positive today? How about taking a positive step in the morning when you get out of bed. Make each step you take a today a positive one. And remember, the most positive step you can take is take is taking care of your greatest asset — your body.

I have a client who I have been training for a while, and I remember her saying to her sister, “Come outside while I work out with Lunden. You always say negative stuff, and Lunden always has something positive to say.”


There have been studies that have shown the positivity decreases stress, and improves your personal and professional relationships. It also makes your workouts that much more amazing because you have the attitude to go with it.

Nobody wants to be around someone who is negative, talking behind people’s backs and always complaining. This week my challenge for you is to exercise your positivity muscle – bring people up, give people compliments and invite a friend to work out with you and talk about the positive things in your lives (including how awesome your body will feel after the workout).

Life is too short to not live on the positive side. The more positivity and happiness that you radiate from yourself into the lives of others, the better your life will be. This week smile, sweat and stay positive.

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