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Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

Sarah Lim: Sun-Star celebrates a special milestone

The Merced Sun-Star turned 90 on Friday. Although it traces its roots to 1869, the first issue of the modern day Sun-Star was printed on May 1, 1925, after the Merced Evening Sun merged with the Merced Morning Star. The union of these two papers not only reduced the number of newspapers in the city, but also ended a half-century old-rivalry among several papers.

Living Columns & Blogs

Brigitte Bowers: Trying to understand a tragedy

I write nonfiction to make sense of things. I piece together this memory with that one, laying them out like a jigsaw puzzle until everything makes a whole, turns into something I can look at and say, “Oh, yes, of course. Now I see.” But sometimes, no matter how I lay out the pieces, I cannot make sense of the memories. Nothing fits together to make a coherent whole.

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