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Change is all around us, because nature isn’t static

We sat across the table waiting for our meal, just as we had dozens of times before. There was so much familiar about the evening: stories of his pranks, her laughter, an explanation of why they moved to a different neighborhood, how the employees at a nearby pizza place know them by name.

Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

100 Years Ago in Merced County History

Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Jan. 28 – the Year of the Rooster. The rooster is a symbol of pride, ambition, and trustworthiness, and such character attributes were demonstrated by the action of a Chinese American named Joe Wing Hoy. One hundred years ago, Joe Wing Hoy became the first Chinese American from Merced to be admitted into the United States Army, coincidentally in the midst of an anti-immigration movement.

Merced Life

Rockettes strangers to controversy

Over the years, the Rockettes have traveled with the USO to entertain troops overseas, danced during the half-time show at the Super Bowl, and greeted service personnel during New York City’s Fleet week.

Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

The colorful history of Merced County’s first hotel

The long-awaited 2017 Merced County Historical Society calendar is finally here! Society members will receive a free calendar when they renew their memberships. If you are not yet a member, please join today and receive a complimentary copy. The theme of the new calendar is “Early Hotels in Merced County,” featuring 13 historic photos of hotels from 11 Merced County towns.

Merced Life

Mannequin challenge shines light on natural abilities

I have often been ahead of trends without even trying. First it was karaoke. I had been warbling off-key and butchering the lyrics to sentimental rock ballads decades before bad singing became so popular people decided to do it in public. Then came big butts, which Jennifer Lopez made fashionable in the late 1990s. I was way ahead of her, and I didn’t even need implants. Now it’s the mannequin challenge, an Internet game started by Florida college students who probably should be spending their time in more productive activities, like figuring out how to re-phrase their plagiarized papers to avoid detection by

Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

Return to old-time traditions with Small Business Saturday

Among many shared traditions of our Merced community during this holiday season is the annual Christmas Open House at the Courthouse Museum on Dec. 4. In addition to the exceptional Christmas tree exhibit, delicious courthouse eggnog, and angelic Christmas carols, there are the tales of historic downtown Merced one will learn about by touring our display in the Mercantile Room.

Merced Life

America will survive this election and whoever becomes president

This is the most rancorous presidential election I can remember in my 58 years as an American, though to be fair, I pretty much ignored all political discourse until the Watergate hearings, and the only reason I paid attention then was because in those days, most families only had one television set, and the adults were in charge of it.

Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

Election of 1916 in Merced County

As Election Day 2016 looms, it is interesting to explore how Merced County residents voted a century ago. During the general election of 1916, the ticket was split. While the top of the ticket was won by Democratic presidential nominee Woodrow Wilson for a second term, down ballots were won by Republican candidates: Gov. Hiram W. Johnson to U.S. Senate, Denver S. Church to Congress, and H. Kylberg to State Assembly.


School stories, a new Sun-Star column from Sara Sandrik

This new column comes in the wake of my own personal “breaking news.” After nine incredible years as the North Valley reporter and weekend anchor for ABC30 (and 16 years in television news altogether), I am excited to now be the first public information officer and district development officer for the Merced City School District. Photos & video produced by Sara Sandrik
School stories, a new Sun-Star column from Sara Sandrik 1:50

School stories, a new Sun-Star column from Sara Sandrik

Hundreds visit Open Cockpit Day at Castle Air Museum 1:24

Hundreds visit Open Cockpit Day at Castle Air Museum

World War II POW veteran turns 101 3:12

World War II POW veteran turns 101

Bob Pollitt having the MC pool dedicated to him 2:03

Bob Pollitt having the MC pool dedicated to him