Merced Life

Merced Life

Brigitte Bowers: Sex, lies and murder lurk in my living room

Sunday will mark the end of “Mad Men,” though I suspect some networks will offer copycats for those baby boomers who are unwilling to let the 1970s go. I am oddly proud of having been a “Mad Men” fan from the very first episode, though I watched it only because it aired on the same network and night as “Breaking Bad.”

Merced Life

Brigitte Bowers: Every Fifteen Minutes a reminder of parents’ worst fears

It is possible that for my son, Casey, Every Fifteen Minutes is little more than an opportunity to break up the tedium of a typical school day, though I hope the simulation will instead be a cautionary story he carries with him for a long time. For me, however, and I believe for other parents, too, it is a reminder of our worst fear, the one we pray we will never fully comprehend.

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