Jay Sousa: Photography

Jay Sousa: Photography bests safety

I am not a big fan of pre-dawn photo shoots, but I am a big fan of a great photo opportunity. So when the alarm clock abruptly woke me from a sound sleep at four-thirty in the morning a few days back I begrudgingly drug myself out of bed to gather my camera gear and head out to photograph.

Jay Sousa: Photography

Jay Sousa: Photographers can find great fall colors in places other than Yosemite

Despite what opinions that you may have regarding our leaders in Washington and the partial shutdown of our government, I think that as photographers we can agree on one thing — our elected officials are not photographers. Otherwise they would not have closed our National Parks, including Yosemite, at the best time of year for photography. What a shame that all of that beautiful fall color was going un-photographed. Although Yosemite is now open again, it’s important to remember there are some great alternatives just a short drive away from the San Joaquin Valley that offer fall colors that almost rival those found in the park.

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