Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

Sarah Lim: Mexican American Experience in Merced County

Through 30 historical and personal narratives, “Our Stories: Mexican American Experience in Merced County” exhibit, opening Thursday at the Courthouse Museum, will explore Mexican Americans’ search for political, social, and economic opportunities while celebrating their lasting contribution in building Merced County from the 1820s to the 1960s.

Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

Sarah Lim: Combing the records to uncover the past of a county historian

Little was known about Merced County historian John Outcalt . In comparison to Ralph Milliken, Corwin Radcliffe and Frank Latta, Outcalt is the most quoted and celebrated Merced County historian, and yet no known biography about him was ever written. With the help of local genealogist Alma Stone, columnist Sarah Lim has been able to put together a biographical sketch of this little known historian.

Sarah Lim: Museum Notes

Sarah Lim: Grizzly Adams tracked to Merced area ranch

Merced County, even before its inception, has had its share of interesting characters of the Wild West. In addition to Joaquin Murrieta and John Muir, there was the rugged mountain man John “Grizzly” Adams (or James Capen Adams) whose presence in this county has been a topic of debate among historians. Was Grizzly Adams ever in Merced County?

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